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Pemberton Weddings raises the standard for event and country wedding venues! Dreamcatcher Meadows horse farm in Pemberton Meadows mountain valley offers forty acres of unique wedding reception and wedding ceremony site choices. Or choose Pioneer Ranch - 95 acres of unspoilt 360degree panoramas of the Cascade mountains and the Pemberton Meadows.  Each site has its own special atmosphere, just waiting for you to create your dream wedding! Enjoy modern comfort in a super natural setting or go rustic and DIY. Camping offered.  Guarantees breathtaking photographs. All inclusive fee includes many items and services others surprise you with after you've commited.  Just one of many included features: private use of the stunning riverside Wedding Pavilion,  two story chalet with all modern conveniences and spoiling high end furnishings, designed to ensure the bridal party can prepare for their country wedding in modern luxury. 

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Nestled in the pristine Pemberton mountain valley, bordered by the Lillooet River and endless forest, is a wedding venue like no other. From the town of Pemberton, thirty minutes north of the international resort town, Whistler B.C., a ten minute drive with breathtaking views along the Pemberton Meadows Road leads you to the incredible world-famous horse farm Dreamcatcher Meadows.


Owners Jill and John together with their dedicated residential team invite you to share their natural paradise to host the destination wedding of your dreams, creating memories and photographs that are guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.

Within its forty acres, Dreamcatcher Meadows offers a wide range of ceremony and reception locations to enjoy, after the bridal party prepares in the custom-built Wedding Pavillion. Seated at the custom made harvest tables in the covered Entertainment Barn, your guests are serenaded by the trickle of the Lillooet River while enjoying the antics of foals playing in the adjacent "Timewasters Paddock" with its fire pit balcony and sandy beach. You are served cuisine prepared fresh behind the screened caterer preparation area.

Or perhaps you prefer to host a long table dinner in the ten acre Alfalfa Meadow, with uninterrupted views of majestic Mount Currie to the south and the gateway to the Coast Mountain Circle culminating in Meager Creek Hot Springs to the north. 

Enjoy the benefits of the varied reception and ceremony sites and make a weekend of it: rehearsal dinner; or day for special family and friends of guided activities like canoeing or helicopter tours of the neighbouring glaciers followed by a casual meal. Just add your vision to this super-natural canvas and you will realize the wedding of your dreams. Pemberton Weddings guarantees you an exclusive, private wedding experience and event venue unequalled anywhere in the world at Dreamcatcher Meadows!

Country wedding atmosphere unlike any other.  Circle of Ancient Cedars wedding vow site.
Country wedding atmosphere unlike any other. Circle of Ancient Cedars wedding vow site.

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